Teeth Whitening Tricks: What To Watch For


A lot of the patients we see at Precise Dental Of Houston tell us that they don’t have faith in the teeth whitening process. Many of them have had bad experiences in the past that make them think whitening is unpredictable, unreliable, and in many cases just a complete lie.

There’s a reason for that perception, and it isn’t because of the professional teeth whitening systems we offer at our Houston dentist office. The problem lies in the most readily available and cheapest whitening systems: the over-the-counter kits you buy at the drugstore. These kits have the same basic principles as the ones we use but with some significant differences that make them not so trustworthy!

One Size Fits All? One Size Fits None!

The most common way to whiten teeth is with a hydrogen peroxide gel that is squeezed into a mouth tray. These trays can work, but there’s one important thing to realize about hydrogen peroxide whitening gel: it’s really unstable! Think about that bottle of peroxide in your medicine cabinet: it’s brown. That’s because even light will cause hydrogen peroxide to break down!

That breakdown is a good thing since it’s what causes stains on your teeth to break loose, but we don’t want it happening too fast. That’s what happens with the one-size-fits-all whitening trays that most commercial kits come with, and the reason why might surprise you: saliva.

Your mouth’s own saliva is actually responsible for causing rapid breakdown of hydrogen peroxide. The breakdown is so fast that the peroxide doesn’t have the time to whiten your teeth properly, which leads to spotty and uneven (or completely failed) whitening. This is the reason why so many whitening products simply fail to work properly.

The whitening trays we offer at Precise Dental Of Houston are custom built from an impression of your teeth for two reasons: first, these custom trays guarantee an even distribution of whitening gel to provide the perfect, consistent new look. Second, our whitening trays actually seal your teeth off from the rest of your mouth so that saliva can’t get in and whitening gel can’t get out. That’s how we eliminate this common problem!

Active Ingredients: Only Trust One

If you’ve looked at different teeth whitening products available at the store or online you’ve probably seen a number of alternatives to hydrogen peroxide. Whether it’s baking soda, malic acid, or any other natural or chemical treatment you simply aren’t getting the reliable, tested results that hydrogen peroxide can provide.

Hydrogen peroxide, and it’s sister chemical carbamide peroxide, are the only true solutions for removing the deep stains that are the sources of the worst teeth discoloration. If you want to get teeth that truly shine like they did when you were young you shouldn’t waste time on alternative treatments or the store bought stuff: it has the right ingredients but it’s surprisingly weak!

Carbamide peroxide is more common in over-the-counter systems because it’s a bit more stable than hydrogen peroxide. While this is great for making a product last it isn’t great for whitening power. Carbamide peroxide has to first break down into hydrogen peroxide and urea before it can break down into oxygen and water. The need for this two-step process results in longer treatment times and less whitening power: there ends up not being nearly enough hydrogen peroxide to do a good job!

The whitening solutions we offer at our Houston dentist office are centered on hydrogen peroxide gels that are more effective, stronger, and more reliable than commercial products. Because they’re being sold without prescription they simply can’t be as tough as our professional whitening.

Results That Really Work: Go Pro!

Teeth whitening is a far more exact science than you may realize. As simple as it may be to get good results there’s still a lot of things to consider: the whitening trays, the strength of the peroxide, and the treatment method itself are all important parts of a good whitening experience.

While it is possible to get good results using a store-bought whitening kit you’re really gambling with your money. How many systems are you willing to try before you find the right one?

We have it at Precise Dental Of Houston. All it takes is a phone call to 713-812-1712 to schedule an appointment today! You can also request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to getting you a bright, white smile!