Should You Do Teeth Whitening At Home? [BLOG]

Your time and money are valuable, which is why you may think that it’s wiser to whiten your teeth at home using natural ingredients or those common household products you already own.

You don’t have to make a trip to the local drugstore for a whitening kit.

You don’t have to make an appointment or invest the money in a professional treatment at the dentist office.

But do those DIY methods work?

Are they even safe?

That’s what we’re talking about in today’s blog, brought to you on behalf of Dr. Crouse and our team at Precise Dental of Houston!

We offer powerful, safe teeth whitening treatment that can give you dramatic results quickly and affordably in our Houston, TX dental office.

Keep that in mind, and the information you’re about to learn, before you reach inside your cabinets to brighten your smile at home!

Common DIY Teeth Whitening Ingredients

Many people will go to great lengths to whiten their teeth using ingredients they can find right in their kitchen cabinets before they invest in professional whitening treatment at the dentist office.

Here are some common DIY whitening methods:

#1 – Baking Soda & Hydrogen Peroxide

Baking soda can be found in just about every kitchen pantry in the country, and it’s definitely a good alternative for toothpaste on those hectic mornings when you’re running late and realize you forgot to pick up a tube of toothpaste at the store the day before!

But it can’t really whiten your teeth.

That’s okay, though, because you can just rely on the hydrogen peroxide in your toiletry closet, right?

After all, it’s what dentists use.

Well, yes and no.

The hydrogen peroxide you have at home is incredibly weak, nearly 30% weaker than the peroxide used in professional whitening systems, in fact.

Not just that, but because it’s so weak, you may be tempted to use it very often until you see results, but even weak levels of bleaching agents can do a lot of harm to your gums.

#2 – Coconut Oil

There are all sorts of benefits of coconut oil, which is why it’s been used for centuries as a multi-purpose home remedy for health and beauty.

One method is oil pulling, and it’s been used for thousands of years. It’s gained popularity in recent years because apparently, swishing it around in your mouth for several minutes a day is supposed to improve your dental health, fight harmful bacteria, and, you guessed it, whiten your teeth.

The fact is that a toothbrush is far more effective in cleaning your mouth of bad bacteria. It’s also true that teeth whitening at the dentist is vastly more powerful in whitening your teeth than oil pulling, much to the surprise of modern self-proclaimed natural health experts.

#3 – Fruit Rinds

Certain fruits are thought to contain whitening power in their rinds, such as citrus fruits and bananas.

But again, this is more myth than truth.

That’s because although people might believe the fruit rinds will scrub stains off of your teeth, you simply can’t find any credible research to support this.

In fact, this method could actually do more harm to your teeth than good.

On one hand, bananas contain magnesium, which some believe might give your smile a newly polished look. That may or may not be true, but as far as whitening your teeth, it just won’t get the job done.

Citrus fruit rinds pose a risk to your smile because of their acidity.

When it comes to your tooth enamel, there’s no greater enemy than acid. It attacks the surface, eats through the enamel, and creates microscopic holes for bacteria to enter and infect your teeth and gums.

Doing this over and over again will only threaten your oral health even more.

The Only At-Home Whitening That Works Is From A Dentist

In our Houston, TX dental office, you don’t have to wonder if your method of choice is going to work or not.

That’s because our professional bleaching systems use prescription strength whitening gels, custom-made mouth trays, and advanced laser technology.

What that means for you is that you can determine how fast or slow your whitening treatment lasts because you can opt for a quick in-office visit or our take-home system.

Both are safe because they’re administered at the hands of our highly-capable dentist, Dr. Crouse, who will make sure your gums and tooth enamel are protected.

Schedule Teeth Whitening Treatment

We know how tempting it is to take the cheaper route when it comes to whitening your teeth.

Unfortunately, cheaper isn’t always better, or more importantly, safer.

The only way to truly brighten your smile and get the results you want is to trust Dr. Crouse at Precise Dental of Houston.

She has the training and the resources to give you the whiteness level you want quickly, safely, and effectively.

The point is that trusting your smile and your health to the professionals is always the best way to go so that you get the most out of your time and investment.

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