Is An Athletic Mouthguard That Important?

For every sport there’s equipment, much of it protective! Football players have helmets and pads, soccer players wear shin guards, and baseball players always protect their heads when batting. One important part of the body often goes overlooked, though: the mouth!

When it comes to keeping yourself safe while playing competitive sports you always invest in the best protective gear for you or your children, so why compromise your oral health with an over-the-counter mouthguard? Sports mouthguards are an essential part of safety and you deserve one that really works!

Is A Store Bought Mouthguard Really That Bad?

Think about it this way: when you buy a clothes or a pair of shoes do you shop in a “one size fits most” store? Of course not! You want to wear things that fit and each body is unique in how clothes, equipment, and gear fit! It’s the same with a mouthguard – over-the-counter ones simply don’t fit properly!

Even boil-and-bite mouthguards can’t get a good enough fit to really protect like they need to. Both kinds of mouthguards can end up slipping, sliding, and never being in place when you need them! A mouthguard that doesn’t fit properly can end up being a big risk!

Why Are Sports Mouthguards So Important?

Did you know that there are over 600,000 recorded dental injuries due to sports a year? That’s just one good reason to wear a mouthguard! In any high-impact sport or a game with the risk of getting hit by a flying object you’re 60 times more likely to injure your teeth when not wearing one!

There’s also the potential costs for dental reconstruction after a serious athletic injury. Think about the thousands of dollars needed to place a bridge, crown, or other restoration that could all have been avoided by wearing a mouthguard!

Perhaps most importantly is the risk of concussion. That’s right – an athletic mouthguard doesn’t just protect your teeth! One of the greatest risks for concussion during sports isn’t from a hard impact to the head – it’s due to your jaw slamming into your skull! That’s just another reason why a custom mouthguard is so important – if your mouthguard isn’t being held in place properly you could end up still receiving a huge amount of force when your jaw hits your skull!

Precise, Premium Mouthguards That Make The Difference!

Our Houston dentist office is proud to offer Technofit mouthguards – the same ones used by professional athletes! These custom-fit mouthguards allow you to play with confidence, comfort, and safety all without sacrificing performance!

A lot of mouthguards obstruct breathing. this can be a game-changing situation when you need to be able to push yourself to the limit! Our mouthguards offer more protection without limiting your ability to breath and play the game you love!

We’re also able to completely customize your mouthguard. Want your jersey number or name on it? We can do that! How about your team colors? Done! You’ll love a mouthguard that matches you or your child’s tastes – it might even encourage proper wear!

We’ll just need to take an impression of your teeth to craft your custom mouthguard. That impression is sent to our lab where it’s used to craft the perfect fit and look! In just a couple of weeks you’ll be taking to the field with the pride and protection you need!

Don’t Take A Chance With Inferior Gear!

With the new year coming there’s bound to be thoughts of summer sports. If your child is the sort of Texan who loves football as much as we do get them the gift of great protection and security for the coming season!

It doesn’t matter what sport you or your children are playing – make sure your gear is ready for the demands of the game! Call Precise Dental Of Houston today to schedule a custom athletic mouthguard fitting!

You can reach our office by calling 713-812-1712 or you can request an appointment using our online form. We look forward to getting you in the game!