Don’t Let Bad Breath Spoil Your Valentine’s Day [BLOG]

Cupid, candy hearts, and roses are all around. You can almost smell the love wafting through the air.

Oh… Oops!

Actually, it’s not love you smell. It’s your bad breath, and it’s threatening to absolutely kill the mood this Valentine’s Day!

But Dr. Crouse and our team at Precise Dental of Houston can help you keep that from happening!

Today, we’re talking about where that smelly odor is coming from and how our breath treatment in Houston may just be what you need to cozy up with your special Valentine with confidence!

Bad Breath: Unwelcome, But Possibly Invited

Is bad breath something that tags along with you everywhere lately? Unlike Cupid, this unwelcome guest is very real. And what’s worse, you may have been the one to send an invitation to Stinky McStink without even realizing it!

Unpleasant, Stinky Bacteria

The bacteria in your mouth loves the sugar from everything you eat and drink. When it does, a problematic chain of events unfolds and could lead to gum disease, not to mention quite a stink! Rinsing your mouth with water and daily brushing and flossing are your best defenses against it!

Dry Mouth

Your teeth need saliva. It’s what keeps your enamel protected against erosion that invites harmful bacteria into the inner tissues and canals of your teeth.

But saliva also washes away debris in your mouth that would otherwise stay around and fester offensive odors.

What You Eat & Drink

It’s no secret that foods and drinks are common culprits of stinky breath.

Onions, garlic, and wine are all delicious, but they can lead to bad breath that are hard to mask. So at least for Valentine’s Day, maybe you can skip the Italian restaurant and opt for less robust cuisine!

Your Health

Certain health conditions, such as a cold or sinus infection, can make your breath smell less than pleasant. But the good news is that if a case of the sniffles is making your breath stink, at least you know it’s a temporary problem!

Tips To Keep Halitosis From Being A Third Wheel!


Brush & Floss Daily

We have to start with the most obvious defense against bad breath, and that’s good daily oral hygiene.

Brushing and flossing is critical because it helps keep food particles and other debris from staying lodged between teeth and other tight places. As a result, you’re also preventing gum disease while you’re working to keep your mouth clean from smelly residue.

Gargle With Mouthwash

Dr. Crouse can help you determine which mouthwash would work best for you. Swishing some minty fresh mouthwash around in your mouth, gargling, then spitting it out can help combat stinky breath.

Don’t Neglect Your Tongue

Sometimes, we think we have all our bases covered with brushing and flossing. But keeping your mouth clean should include the surface of your tongue since it’s a haven for malodorous microscopic residue from the day’s foods and drinks. So scrub that tongue!

Moisten Your Mouth With The Right Food

A great way to keep bad breath at bay is to keep your mouth moist, and the best foods for that are crunchy raw veggies and fresh fruits.

They not only scrub your teeth while you chew, but their crunch promotes saliva and keeps your mouth moist to fight off halitosis.

Chew Sugar-Free Gum & Breath Mints

In the moment, chewing gum and popping breath mints can mask the odors in your mouth. It keeps saliva flowing, too. The important thing to remember, however, is that you choose sugar-free options so it doesn’t intensify the smell of bad breath!

Make An Appointment!

The last thing you want on Valentine’s Day is for bad breath to keep you from that special end-of-the-night kiss!

You should be able to relax and snuggle up close with the person you care about, not worry about keeping a safe physical distance so you don’t knock over your date with your breath.

Let Dr. Crouse and our team at Precise Dental of Houston help you get to the bottom of your bad breath. We’ll work with you until we find which solution is best so you can get back to your Valentine and pucker up with confidence!

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