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Invisalign – Clear Braces

Invisalign – Clear Braces

Invisalign in Houston, TX

Many adults with crooked teeth are getting braces for the first time. For those who hate committing to long-term (and uncomfortable) orthodontic treatment, your dentist in Houston, TX offers great alternatives:   Minor Tooth Movement system (MTM) and Invisalign in Houston, TX.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign uses clear, removable mouth trays called aligners to reposition the teeth gradually. It’s the most discreet and comfortable way to correct misalignment and close gapped smiles. Unlike braces that use the force of fixed wires and brackets to move teeth, Invisalign uses plastic aligners that slide over your teeth like a mouth guard. You wear a series of aligners (one aligner for 21 hours every day for two weeks), with each aligner moving the teeth slowly to the desired position. Every time you wear a new aligner, your teeth are straighter and you are closer to your dream smile.

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It is probably one of the best things that has come around for adults who have noticed either a relapse in the crowding or spacing of their teeth, relapse after previous orthodontics or patients who have never had orthodontics and are not interested in wearing metal brackets and wires, so the clear aligner therapy or the Invisalign, allows for adult patients to correct the crowding and improve the symmetry of their teeth without having to tell the world that they are currently in orthodontic treatment.

It’s a very simple procedure, I’ve personally worn it myself. It is not anything that is too difficult to include into your normal lifestyle but it does create dramatic results and it is one of those things that patients are really very satisfied at the end of the treatment when they have followed through with the course of the treatment. I will say with Invisalign, it is a definite team effort. The patient has got to wear the aligners and that is one of those things; which is why I think that it’s a great product for adults because adults will wear their aligners. But they have to wear them consistently and the team has to stay on top of making sure they come in for regular visits. At the end, they are having these super straight teeth that they can maintain by simply wearing a retainer at night. So it’s a great system for adults.

What is MTM Clear Aligner?

MTM or the Minor Tooth Movement system uses clear, removable aligners to fix gaps, crowding and other slight misalignments, typically in the front teeth. To correct the misalignment, Dr. Crouse will examine your teeth and create a custom treatment plan. This plan will then be used to custom fabricate your set of clear braces. Each aligner progressively moves your teeth to the correct alignment until you achieve straight, beautiful teeth.

Clear braces are great alternatives to traditional braces because:
* The aligners are nearly invisible and very discreet, so you don’t have to hide your smile.
* There are no uncomfortable wires and brackets that can hurt your mouth.
* The aligners are removable, allowing you to eat whatever you want and brush and floss easily.
* In some cases, therapy using clear braces is much faster than conventional orthodontic treatment.
Fewer office visits and adjustments are required.

Most people who qualify for traditional braces are also candidates for Invisalign and MTM. Find out how clear braces can help you. Call 832-548-9805 now or click here to schedule a consultation with Dr. Crouse, a preferred Invisalign in Houston, TX and MTM system provider.




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